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Letter to the Editor: Sharon Wylie is not the ideal candidate


A state representative is a politician who sits in a legislative branch of the state. These politicians represent local cities or counties and help form state laws that benefit voters.

Sharon Wylie is seeking her seventh term. How has she done so far? She calls herself the “leader who listens,” but she has backed Democratic tax increases with no relief for Washingtonians, even with a $40 billion surplus. She never responded to my concerns.

Wylie voted yes on HB 1319 to give the government more control to regulate guns. This should be a concern for Washingtonians since a 2020 Rand Corp survey found that 42% of Washingtonians own guns.

Wylie also voted yes on HB 5974, which aims to increase the cost of fees for drivers and vehicle owners.

She voted yes to hyper-regulated ride-sharing and delivery entities that would significantly harm gig workers, HB 2076.

It supports criminals rather than law-abiding citizens. See Chelsea Bill, its amendments. Ashamed.

These are a few reasons why no one should vote for Wylie. Instead, vote for Park Llafet, who seeks to cut taxes, support the police and find compassionate solutions for the homeless. He will work to secure our rights in Vancouver.

Kris Greene,