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It’s Officially Peak Fall Foliage Week in the Chicago Area – NBC Chicago


Prepare to see fall foliage in full force.

Although it hasn’t felt very autumnal in the Chicago area with the particularly warm temperatures, fall is starting to take shape – just take a look outside.

Over the past two weeks, the foliage has reddened with pockets of warm-toned color. Now it looks like they are full of it.

The Smoky Mountains’ 2022 Fall Foliage Map indicates that Chicago’s fall foliage will peak on Monday, which means the leaves will be at their best. Crisp hues of purple can be spotted on the trees and shrubs, along with hints of amber.

But the leaves will not stay colored for long. The fall pigments will begin to fade in just a week and disappear by the time Halloween rolls around.

So, leaf voyeurs, stop for a moment and savor the view before the leaves crinkle and fall.

As for the rest of the state, the colors should change a bit later. According to the map, much of Illinois should not see foliage near its peak until the vibrant hues roll out of the Chicago area.

By Halloween, the leaves will have already changed in the northern state park, while the southern will still look golden.

While the science of predicting fall leaf color changes is inaccurate, several factors could lead to a later than usual fall peak in the state. This includes a period of drier than normal weather, as well as a warmer than normal start to the fall, which was forecast by the National Weather Service.

According to Enjoy Illinois, some of the best places in the state to see fall foliage include Starved Rock State Park, Winnebago County Forest Preserves and Millennium Park in Chicago.

Named Farmer’s Almanac Father Marquette State Park in west-central Illinois as the eighth best place in the United States to experience fall foliage.

As a “nature lover’s paradise,” the park will offer views of the rolling leaves against a backdrop of wooded ravines and roads along the Illinois River. Explorers can also take advantage of the land’s towering cliffs, which will offer panoramic views of the lush landscape that engulfs the park’s 12-mile trail.