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City crews sweep near Petco Park


It comes weeks after the city renewed its policy of ordering homeless people to remove their tents from public sidewalks during the day.

SAN DIEGO — Ahead of Tuesday’s playoff, city teams embarked on a full-scale sweep of public streets and sidewalks surrounding the stadium where dozens of homeless tents are typically set up.

It comes weeks after the city renewed its policy of ordering homeless people to take down their tents during the day.

A city spokesperson told CBS 8 they aim to balance “compassion” with the need to address public health and safety issues.

San Diegan Antonio Andrade did a double take after parking in the East Village on his way to the Padres-Phillies playoff game.

“Definitely this whole street,” Andrade said. “This whole section here is cleaner than before,”

East Village resident Sandy Orand said that for the past two weeks she has noticed tents going down during the day but coming up at night.

“The last few days, two or three days, I haven’t seen the tents going up,” she added.

With many tents still a block south along Commercial, Sandy said she was worried.

“I see them carrying their blankets, barefoot, dirty,” she told CBS 8. “You know, they have nowhere to go and they need help.”

The City of San Diego said it was providing assistance, stating the following:

“The city anticipates a significant increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the East Village area this week. City crews will provide shelter and services to individuals, remove trash and debris, and ensure that the public right-of-way is cleared and free for movement.”

In the meantime, the San Diego City Council is stepping up efforts to prevent more San Diego residents from losing their homes and ending up on the streets, including declaring housing a “human right” during of its October 31 meeting.

“Housing is fundamental to everything we want to do and achieve in life,” said Council President Sean Elo-Rivera.

There will also be a special workshop to begin crafting a new tenant protection order, following the end of the citywide no-fault eviction moratorium last month.

“We are in a homelessness crisis,” Elo-Rivera told CBS 8. “We cannot afford to push someone unnecessarily into homelessness, and we know that tenant protections are a way to prevent homelessness.”

The public is invited to attend and make suggestions at this Town Council workshop scheduled for October 31 on the Tenant Protection Ordinance.

For more information on how to participate, click here.

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