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Student-Volunteer Run Organization Donates Nearly 200,000 Pieces of PPE Across the United States


As one of the only PPE distribution organizations in the United States, PPE4ALL – founded by Yale and University of Michigan students – serves communities hardest hit by the virus.

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Courtesy of Emme Magliato and Krishna Kok

Since its inception in March 2020, the volunteer student-run organization, PPE4ALL, has donated nearly 200,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, or PPE, to communities across the United States.

Emme Magliato ’23, Executive Director, and Krishna Koka, Junior at the University of Michigan and CEO of PPE4ALL, launched the organization in Poughkeepsie, NY. Since the organization’s inception, the team has distributed 566 separate donations of PPE, such as face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, gowns and alcohol wipes to 399 different communities in United States. These beneficiaries have included free clinics, homeless shelters, food pantries, mental health centers, community centers, schools, hospitals and people living in public housing.

“The work we do now is national, and it’s work that incorporates a lot of different people and students,” Magliato said. “Our goal is to provide PPE completely free of charge to those who need it most and those who are most marginalized and at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic… [and that] is a value that we have perpetuated until today.

When students were kicked off campus at the start of the pandemic, Koka noticed that New York City was hit particularly hard and PPE supply chains were down. As a result, he and Magliato began partnering with architectural firms around town to 3D print face shields. Once the supply chain slowly began to recover, the organization decided to rely more on corporate PPE donations.

Tenzin Dhondup ’26, PPE4ALL’s Outreach Director, explained that the organization is looking for donors such as private companies who can supply large quantities of PPE. To identify the communities most in need, the organization tracks the average cases per 100,000 people in each county nationwide to determine which counties have the highest transmission and case rates.

After identifying these counties, the team looks for specific places that may need PPE the most, such as homeless shelters and low-income housing. The team also serves members who request PPE directly from PPE4ALL.

Magliato pointed to a collaboration with Bona Fide Masks that began a few months ago, which includes a 100,000 mask donation program. According to Magliato, these masks will be donated and distributed by nonprofits across the country, including Impact Services in Philadelphia and NorCal Resist in Sacramento.

“I’m really grateful to be in the position I’m in where I can interact with so many people, and we’re the only ones supporting them in this way,” Magliato said. “The relationships we’ve been able to build, both as a team, but also with the people we serve, are the things that keep me going every day when the going gets tough.”

In terms of future work, the team noted that they wanted to focus on the sustainability of the organization, particularly in terms of sponsorship and funding.

“Our goal is to move forward knowing that even though COVID-19 is fading from the news and less talked about, there are so many communities that are still being actively impacted by COVID-19” , Dhondup said. “There will always be a need for [PPE] …and PPE is always in demand as we receive daily requests from individuals, community members and non-profit organizations.

Koka noted that when in-person events resumed, he feared the organization might not survive the transition. However, he found that was not the case.

Magliato said many other PPE distribution organizations stopped their services before the Omicron variant appeared, but PPE4ALL continued.

According to CDC COVID Data Trackeron September 1, there were 85,761 new cases of COVID-19 in the United States

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