Home City park The Bad Ax wading pool is operational as the grand opening approaches

The Bad Ax wading pool is operational as the grand opening approaches


At the Bad Ax town council meeting on Monday, it was estimated that the town would be ready to host a grand opening on the paddling pool in the town park in around three weeks.

Robert Stiverson spoke to the board about the update, which was a point of discussion on the meeting agenda.

Water is now supplied to the paddling pool. However, there are five nozzles out of stock, as well as the picnic tables, Stiverson said.

“Also, we would like the grass to be established before we have a big opening,” he added. “It is expected to open in three weeks.”

The City Council also approved the My Splash Pad Orca Mobile Spray and Play feature. It was added to include another water feature as well as aesthetics. The Orca feature adds five additional nozzles to the splash pad and costs $3,760.00

Additionally, the Bad Ax Parks and Rec Facebook page posted Tuesday evening that the water had been open for a few days due to operational features. The water was then turned off for the time being, however, as they noticed some guests running through some of the unfinished grass areas dragging straw and topsoil across the carpet.

They added that they were working on putting up snow fencing to protect landscaping and prevent mud and straw from clogging features and drainage.

No date has been officially set and the Department of Parks and Recreation echoed the three-week schedule. Currently, the buffer is “unofficially usable” according to Stiverson with the back water. In addition to out-of-stock nozzles and picnic tables, a water refill station, portable water features and shade sails still need to be installed.

Also, during the meeting, Patrol Officer Hunter Talaski tendered his resignation. Officer Philip Deacons was hired to replace him. Talaski’s last day is August 5.

The city also voted to budget money for a new fire truck, which is also being paid for equally by the townships of Verona and Colfax. This was originally discussed at the June 5 meeting. Each township agreed to pay an equal portion of the $1,086,000 fire truck.

In other business, the city has also approved a tethered balloon configuration and the purchase of a 2022 Ford F150 with delivery of the truck scheduled.