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Stamford teenager charged with attempted sexual assault in Cummings Park


STAMFORD — A city teenager is accused of attempting to sexually assault a stranger in broad daylight in a city park and fracturing her ankle in the process.

sergeant. Sean Boeger said police responded to reports of a 67-year-old woman being injured in an attempted sexual assault in Cummings Park around 6 p.m. on July 5.

Boeger said the incident began when a young man put his hand under the woman’s dress and tried to pull down her underwear. As the victim tried to escape the man, Boeger said she fell to the ground and fractured her ankle.

The man then fled the scene on a mountain bike with “distinctive large tires”, Boeger said.

As police and emergency services arrived to help the woman, Boeger said city dispatchers received a second report from across Cummings Park.

In the second incident, which occurred about 15 minutes after the first, a 40-year-old woman said she was walking along Soundview Avenue when a man matching a similar description came up behind her and lifted her skirt, Boeger said.

Boeger said when the woman turned around and screamed, the man punched her in the face with his palm and ran down the street towards Cove Avenue.

Although police were unable to locate the suspect on July 5, a patrolman spotted someone matching his description on a similar bicycle a few days later.

During an ensuing interview, the man – later identified as Juver Humberto Galicia-Rivera, 19 – made ‘incriminating statements’ in which he admitted to being at the park at the time of the incident and interacting with at least one of the victims, Boeger said.

Galicia-Rivera was arrested on warrant Friday in connection with the first incident. He was charged with attempted felony fourth degree sexual assault, third degree assault on an elderly victim and breach of the peace.

Galicia-Rivera is being held on $150,000 bail. He is expected to appear in Stamford State Superior Court on Monday.

Boeger said police expected to get another arrest warrant for Galicia-Rivera in connection with the second incident.

Following the two consecutive incidents, police are also asking anyone who may have been assaulted in the same manner to contact the Stamford Police Department. Anyone with information about these attacks or any similar incident is asked to contact Investigator Damein Rosa at 203-977-4417.