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Family Travel 5: Reasons to be Thankful for Family Travel | Travel


More than ever, the freedom to explore the world around us is something to be savored.

Here are five reasons to be grateful for family travel:

1.Travel generates understanding

Whether you’re traveling to the next county or traveling around the world, getting out of your current comfort zone can improve your family’s understanding of the world.

We can take note of the language, dress, recreational and culinary differences and similarities of our fellow global citizens as we venture into new territory.

We can also appreciate the challenges and benefits that families are experiencing in regions beyond. Make an effort to see the view through the eyes of others, including your own family members. And note how a friendly smile is a welcome motto in almost every corner of the world.

2.Travel build character

Travel gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to model what matters most. Will you be patient when the line winds around the corner, your favorite hotel is full, or the museum is temporarily closed?

Delayed flights, changing weather, understaffed establishments, or a bumpy road all help us learn to live in the moment, share resources, deal with unintended consequences, and see the bright side of accidents. occasional trip. How adults react to difficult scenarios will influence the character development of young adventurers. As always, kindness matters.

For more: www.tsa.gov

3. Travel serves the riches of nature

A supermoon rising above mountain peaks, elk screeching in the distance, the gentle mist from a nearby waterfall, trout rising in midstream, and the creak of the trail under hiking shoes. Awe-inspiring experiences in the natural world nurture the youngest souls. Venture into nature reserves, national parks, deep canyons and shimmering lakes, where dark skies allow the starry expanse to light up your world.

For more: www.nps.gov; www.wildernesstravel.com; www.darkskies.org

4. Travel is inspiring and educational

Feed your children’s natural curiosity through travel. Do they yearn to learn more about art, history or science? Is there a rising chef, musician or engineer among you? How about a language immersion course? Are your children curious about other religions, cultures or ways of life?

Whether you opt for magnificent museums, a nature classroom or immersive experiences, expand their knowledge (and yours) by exploring new ideas together.

For more information: www.Road scholars.org; www.Austin Adventures.com

5. Travel improves connection

Leave the laundry and homework behind and reconnect in a cozy cabin, on a breezy beach, or on a small boat at sea. Keep technology to a minimum and enjoy each other’s company and conversation.

Take walks in the woods; watch a sunset; listen to the birds sing, the owls hoot and the wind whistle. Remember that the best things in life are free. You’ll go home knowing that your time well spent will outlast the latest gadget or trendy fashion item.

Because time flies, be glad you did rather than wishing you did.

Lynn O’Rourke Hayes (LOHayes.com) is an author, family travel expert and enthusiastic explorer. Gather more travel insights on Twitter @lohayesFacebook or through FamilyTravel.com

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