Home City park AdventureFest organizes races, markets and parties in Heber City Park

AdventureFest organizes races, markets and parties in Heber City Park


This is the second year of AdventureFest, hosted by the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce. The event included food and vendor stalls, a live concert and yoga in Heber City Park on Friday evening. There was also a group sunset ATV ride on the Heber Valley trails.

At the park‘s Children’s Entrepreneur’s Market, Kaysville brothers William and Grayson Nielson sold wands made from wands, acrylic paint and crystals.

“When we come to the stand and show people how we do [the wands], it’s really fun to cooperate with everyone,” said 10-year-old William Nielson. “Everyone is really nice. We split the money and we can earn between $50 per person and $150 per person.

Across the park, Heber Valley Creperie owner Michael Salazar served thin French-style crepes. He said exposure at community events like AdventureFest helps establish his business in the community.

“They love the way I make pancakes – it’s just relaxing, they say, really great,” Salazar said. “I’m going to have a small crowd pass by my car, making them watch.”

Midway’s Dana Dow and her daughter Kayla Richards took part in an evening 10k run, the Heber Valley Main to Main, which ran from Heber’s Main Street to Midway’s Main Street and back.

“I just thought it would be a great way for us to do something in the community and do something that we’ve never done before as a mother and daughter,” Dow said. “And, you know, it’s near my house.”

Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce director Dallin Koecher said the evening race had fewer runners than last year’s race, which was held in the morning.

Others have taken the light approach with a 1 mile family run.

The evening ended with a glow stick dance party with Heber-based Hitman Productions, which provided DJ services in City Park as it was dark in downtown Heber.