Home City park Park City Institute, Egyptian Theatre, Transit to Trails denied restaurant tax subsidies

Park City Institute, Egyptian Theatre, Transit to Trails denied restaurant tax subsidies


PARK CITY, Utah. – Summit County recently released details of its 2022 Restaurant Tax Grant Program, which approved the allocation of $3 million to more than 30 county organizations.

In 1991, Summit County implemented a 1% tax to be collected on all restaurant sales in the county to fund annual subsidies.

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While several organizations such as the Park City Area Restaurant Association, Park City Lodging Association, Park City Chamber/Bureau, and Sundance Film Festival have received some of the largest grants, several others have missed out on funding.

After receiving 40 applications for a total of $4 million in grant applications, the Restaurant Tax Advisory Committee reviewed each individual application and assessed them against six elements, centered on their potential to increase tourism. , especially night visitors.

Of the most notable grants awarded, the Park City Lodging Association received the highest amount, receiving $400,000 to help its Delta Airlines flight voucher program.

The Park City Area Restaurant Association was next on the list as it received $357,000 to reach diners and travelers outside of Summit County. The funds will be used for a combination of network television, radio, digital signage and social media advertising campaigns to entice the public to dine and stay overnight in Summit County.

Other major grants include $300,000 to the Park City Room/Office, $170,000 to the Sundance Film Festival and $139,000 to US Ski & Snowboard for the 2023 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup.

As for organizations that have been denied grants, the Park City Institute was denied $100,000 for submitting late financial reports, while a $400,000 request from the Park City Historical Society and Museum to purchase and restore the Silver King mine headframe was declined as it did not meet the criteria. Additionally, the Egyptian Theater was denied a $200,000 grant because it also failed to submit financial reports by the deadline.

A request for $30,000 from the Summit Land Conservancy, which would have been used to supplement the Transit to Trails program that transports hikers and mountain bikers to trailheads, was also denied. The committee said the application did not meet its criteria.

For all the details, you can read the report here.