Home City park Sneak Peek: East Lake Park’s New Outdoor Gym [PHOTOS]

Sneak Peek: East Lake Park’s New Outdoor Gym [PHOTOS]

Sneak Peek: East Lake Park’s New Outdoor Gym [PHOTOS]
The East Lake Park fitness area opened in June 2022. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Birmingham’s has transformed a tennis court into an outdoor gym in East Lake Park.

Called the “East Lake Park Fitness Zone,” we visited the new attraction, located in Lynn Park across from historic East Lake Park at 416 82nd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35206.

See how they did it.

Construction took 2 months

In April, Birmingham Parks and Recreation began construction on the new comprehensive fitness facility. Earlier this month, the facility with 9 separate stations was opened to the public.

“We are very happy to finally have the exercise equipment out,” Hunter Williams, who represents East Lake Park on Birmingham City Council, said in a statement to Bham Now. “This has been delayed a bit due to supply chain issues, however, we have received lots of great feedback from the community. We are currently working with Parks and Rec to continue upgrading it to include new coat of paint.

If you’re curious about how the outdoor gym works, the equipment is designed for individuals to use their body weight to strengthen areas like the upper body, legs, arms and more. There are several stations with the same equipment, so people can use the “circuit” at the same time.

Here are additional photos of the new fitness room which cost around $250,000.

East Lake Park – the original railway park

Here is
East Lake Park. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

A bit of history about East Lake Park. Originally built as a private park in 1886, East Lake Park was called Birmingham’s “original railway park” and Ruffner Mountain’s “twin park” by Ruffner Mountain Executive Director Carlee Sanford. The main attraction of the 67-acre park is the beautiful 45-acre lake.

Due to recent lighting repairs, youth football is back in the park. Last weekend, the lake hosted the annual Family Fishing Rodeo – the largest such event in the state of Alabama.

A historic park – East Lake Park is also an “urban green oasis.” Over the past two years, The Nature Conservancy and local neighborhood groups have been planting trees and removing invasive plants.

On Sunday mornings you will also see local cricket teams playing on the grounds at the north end of the park.

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