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Construction underway for a new park at Clifton Park


CLIFTON PARK, NY (NEWS10) – This fall, residents of Clifton Park will soon have a new recreation area to discover and enjoy. Construction is underway this week for the new 37-acre downtown park.

For several years, City officials at Clifton Park have been planning to develop a new city center park located in the city center at Junction 9.

The park will have several trials, an open space to enjoy it, a footbridge connecting the adjacent streets and plenty of parking spaces. Phase 1 of this $2.074 million project is expected to be completed by Labor Day. Clifton Park has around 50 parks, including pocket parks and nature preserves, but officials say this up-and-coming downtown park will be special for shoppers. “We have much bigger nature reserves and parks than this one. however, the unique location makes these 37 acres so special,” said Phil Barrett, City Supervisor of Clifton Park.

Downtown Park Phase 1 – East Side Park and Parkway

Senator Jim Tedisco secured $250,000 in state funding for this project. Tedisco says this project will help our physical, mental health and our social interaction. “It’s so important to have recreational areas like this in your community where people can hang out and interact with other people. This can be used beyond Clifton Park and all of Saratoga County. Many more people will want to come here and visit,” Senator Tedisco said.

“The lighting may not happen this year…we promise lighting, but it may not happen this year, unfortunately.” Supervisor Barrett says that due to supply chain issues, the park may not have decorative lighting when it opens. He says there is a national shortage of steel poles.

Barrett says that since taking office in 2000, Clifton Park has preserved 1,700 acres of open space that has become new parks and reserves.