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Arks for Parks Launch – Farmville


Arks for Parks is an environmental education outreach collaboration created by Roger Pinholster.

Allison Crews and her son Gregory Gibbs joined the project during the pandemic and all three are now State Park volunteers.

Arks for Parks’ mission is to help families explore and experience the wilderness of central Virginia.

Arks for Parks will kick off its first season at Twin Lakes State Park on Saturday, April 30. Adventure packs are designed for families with children aged 5-12.

Families can “order” a pack of their choice from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with returns at 5 p.m. for day trippers or at noon on Sundays for overnight campers.

On opening day at Twin Lakes, special guest Kelly Atkinson of the Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District at 1 p.m. will speak about native trees.

All Arks activities will begin at the Arks Nature Center, located near The Spot at Twin Lakes. Powhatan State Park‘s Arks Nature Center is located near the campgrounds trailhead.

Arks for Parks is scheduled to alternate first and third Saturdays at Powhatan State Park, while offering programming at Twin Lakes State Park on the second and fourth Saturdays of the summer season. For more information, visit www.arksforparks.com or its Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube channel. Questions or interested in volunteering, call Pinholster in Jetersville at (850) 728-2121.