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Built with Bits – an educational challenge: best project of the European New Bauhaus


We would love to hear from your students directly – what was the most valuable thing they learned from the program?

My students have had a lot of positive feedback! Aurora, Melissa and Nicola said: “Through this project, we have worked together, learned and discovered a lot of new information with the Europeana and Mozilla platforms, experiencing for the first time the construction of a virtual space.

Iris said: “I learned that working together can improve your abilities in all areas”, while Simone said: “I learned better how to use Europena as an indispensable source of research.”

Giuly said: “I learned that it is important to be informed of the news concerning our present and our future, because in a few years it will be up to our generation to manage the problem of pollution and climate change”, which Marta also noted: “We have expanded our knowledge of a changing climate. It has allowed us to work together, become more united and introduce ourselves to new things in a productive and fun way.

Mirko shared, “Through this project, I learned to check and respect copyright when searching for images on the Internet and to use design programs such as Mozilla Spoke”, and Gabriele and Lorenzo wrote: “It was really great to participate in the creation of virtual worlds”.

Fabiana said, “I learned a lot of new things, such as identifying copyright-friendly content, collaborating with my classmates, and deepening my knowledge of Diary content. 2030 and the New European Bauhaus. Matteo says: “I acquired new information about copyright and I learned to collaborate even more with my peers. I would like to thank Europeana for giving me the opportunity to work on this interesting and original project.’