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Belding wins park improvement grant


BELDING — This town received a $60,000 grant from the Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF) for improvements to Lightning Bend Park.

Members of Belding City Council conduct their business at Tuesday’s meeting. Pictured, clockwise, are Mike Scheid, Ron Gunderson, Bonita Steele, Mayor Bruce Meyers, Jorel Davis, City Clerk Janae Cooper and City Manager Jon Stoppels. — DN Photo | Karen Bota

Belding City Manager Jon Stoppels made the announcement at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

“We put together a grant application very quickly last week. Obviously that was very enough because they briefed us today,” Stoppels said. “So that $60,000 will cover all but $15,000 of the city’s matching for this project, so that’s very, very good news. Really glad to hear that today.

Stoppels told the Daily News that Belding received a $430,000 matching grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for park improvements. The City game was $75,000, so he asked the GACF for $60,000 from that game.

Mayor Bruce Meyers recalled when he was first introduced to the GACF and sat down with its chair, Alison Barberi.

“The way the Greenville Foundation has given to Belding on many projects has been very generous to us,” Meyers said. “It was a great note she sent today. She was thrilled we were when we received it, so we certainly want to thank the Greenville Foundation for all the partnership they do for us. – Alison and her team.

Bridge Inspection

Three city bridges will undergo underwater inspections this year after the city council approved a proposal from Fleis & Vanderbrink to perform the inspections required by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

Stoppels reminded council members that about 15 to 20 years ago the State of Michigan began to recognize that bridges were failing in many communities, not only on state and county roads, but also in municipal areas. Rules have changed, including one that requires towns with bridges over water more than 10 feet deep to be inspected by trained divers.

Three bridges: Ashfield Street over the Flat River, Bridge Street over the Flat River and Main Street over the Flat River have been identified as structures requiring underwater inspection in accordance with the Standards National Bridge Inspections.

Fleis & Vanderbrink will perform these inspections for a flat fee of $7,500, or $2,500 each, Stoppels said.

“They actually have a division within their organization that does that, and I think that’s a pretty decent price to get the job done, so it will be coming this year,” Stoppels said.

Inspections must be carried out before September.

Emergency services resolution

The city council re-approved a long-standing agreement with the Township of Keene to provide emergency services to residents of the northern third of the township.

Belding Fire Chief Tim Lubitz explains to members of Belding City Council at Tuesday’s meeting a proposed three-year emergency services agreement between Belding and the Township of Keene to provide emergency services fire, medical first aid and rescue services to residents of the northern third of the township. . — DN Photo | Karen Bota

The fire department has provided fire, first responder medical and rescue services to residents of Keene Township north of Ellison, Scott and Richmond roads for more than 20 years, Stoppels said in his report. The current deal expired on March 31.

The new three-year deal will begin April 1 for $7,000 in year one, with a 2% increase in years two and three.

Belding Fire Chief Tim Lubitz noted that calls in Keene Township averaged “just under” 1% of total call volume, or less than 14 calls per year.

Annual budget audience

Council members received the final draft of the proposed budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year and set a public hearing for May 17, with final adoption on June 7.

“The budget has a lot of hands, not just the staff but also the board,” Stoppels said. “We have met a few times about this, we have had a lot of feedback from board members throughout the process.

Councilman Jorel Davis asked what he said was the same question he asks every year: ‘For the money we charge for building repairs and upkeep as part of park maintenance , do we have a plan of what we’re doing – a real plan of what we’re going to do with the building?

Stoppels said he did, and it would cost “a lot less.”

“I anticipate that this remaining money will still be used in the parks. We will find other areas in need of improvements that we will use it for. We will work on an overall plan of improvements in each park in the city”, a- “We’re going to donate money to replace benches and play equipment…and hopefully planters that are above ground and don’t require roots going down into the area where they’re not meant to be, and really sort of clean up that area and make it a bit more appealing.

In other subjects…

Members of Belding City Council also voted for:

• Cancel its May 3 meeting due to the election that day.

• Proclaim April 29 as Arbor Day in the town of Belding, designated Tree City USA for 19 years.