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Labor Shortage Affecting Hartford Businesses | By Steve Volkert

April 10, 2022 – Hartford, WI – Labor shortages for part-time and seasonal employees are affecting all businesses, including the City of Hartford.

Finding responsible people to run Hartford Park and Recreation’s summer programs, including the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center, has become nearly impossible this year.

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As more and more businesses are faced with having to pay upwards of $15 to $20 an hour for temporary high school and college student jobs, the city’s park and recreation, and construction public, find it almost impossible to find employees who will accept anything. less.

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The city has always sought to stay competitive with other communities for similar jobs, but the recent crisis has found us understaffed in many areas. For this reason, management is reviewing which normally required programs will no longer be available due to this labor shortage.

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If you have time off this summer and want to help maintain public services, consider working for Parks and Rec as a summer playground manager or helper, lifeguard or aquatic center manager, or employee. public works.

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