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Rezoning and annexation applications to consider – The Clanton Advertiser


By JOYANNA LOVE | Chief Editor

Land-related demands will be the focus of the April 11 city council meeting in Clanton.

Council will have the first reading of an application to rezon a property on Lay Dam Road (just before the bridge) from R-2 residential single-family to two-family to B-1 central business district and first reading of a annexation request for 652 County Route 41.

A renaming of Earl Avenue near Highway 145 will also be considered. Mayor Jeff Mims said the county will build a street that will go back to Hatley’s Health Care to create access to the future site of The Wellness Group counseling center.

“Earl Avenue is only on paper,” Council Member Wade Watley said. “It’s not there yet.”

The name appears on GIS maps between two residential properties. Watley said the owner of The Wellness Group has asked council to consider renaming the street when it’s completed to match other names in the area, such as Medical Center Drive.

“It might be easier to get people to … find a business rather than thinking they’re turning into a residential neighborhood,” Watley said of the request.

Wellness Group Drive was proposed as a name, but board members said they would prefer Wellness Center Drive because there are still properties down the road that the company would not own.

Watley said he would contact the company owner for comment.

The council will also consider taking bids to contract the demolition of 25 condemned homes across the town. The work would be remunerated through a grant.

Renewal of the contract with the Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging and the company that does the collections for the city will also be considered.

Another item on the agenda is the transfer of a beer and wine license to the new owners of a business on Enterprise Road.

Clanton City Council is expected to make a decision soon on whether to hold the annual fireworks display on July 4 as usual or move it to June 25 after Peach Jam during the voting session.

Mims said the fireworks display would then ensure good attendance and would be a way to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the fishing festival.

“This town would be crowded to the extent that our businesses could do anything to make money, it would be a killer for all of them,” Mims said.

The plan would be to pull them from the girls’ softball field in Clanton City Park to get them far enough away from everything.

“The food trucks are going to be where the fireworks normally go,” Mims said.

The April 11 council meeting will be held at Clanton Town Hall at 5 p.m.