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Passers-by and other volunteers help clean up graffiti in Red Bluff River Park – Red Bluff Daily News


RED BLUFF — Transients helped the city and a group of volunteers Friday morning clean up graffiti in River Park.

The team cleaned up several tables, walls, trash cans and other areas that needed a fresh coat of paint.

The Red Bluff Police Department has a list of places to clean up graffiti around town. River Park was at the top of the list.

Volunteers clean up graffiti Friday morning in Red Bluff River Park. (Contributed)

The reserve’s community services officer, Nigel Mist, said a homeless man who lived in the park approached him for help.

“We have to clean up the city park, and they know it,” Mist said. “And we talk every day, I talk every day, with those guys over there. And we work on keeping their camps clean and stuff like that, and what they can do to help the community.

The Police Service Volunteers, or VIPS, brought in volunteers to do the cleanup.

VIPS began cleaning graffiti around 2020. The group cleaned up markings in River Park before the annual Battle of Brew was held. Mist contacted the VIPs to see if they would be interested in helping with the project.

“Everyone calls them homeless or transient, but many of them probably came to meet us here,” said Clay Parker, VIP member and councilor. “And today they painted all of that, so I don’t think I painted a single picture today.”

Painting began at 9 a.m. and was due to finish around 11 a.m. Parker was surprised at how quickly the transients worked.

“We’re almost done,” Parker said. “We’ll go down and look at the bathrooms in the back, but other than that they’ve been great.”

It was the first time the city, the homeless and the volunteers had collaborated to do something like this. Parker has spoken with several homeless people about the possibility of helping with other cleanup efforts in the future.

“I told them if you see us here in this truck and trailer and you feel like it, come up to us and you can help us paint, and they said, yes,” Parker said.