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2022 Tompkins Spring Neighborhood Sustainable Mini-Grants Lasts April 1


Sustainable Tompkins is accepting applications for its Spring Neighborhood Mini-Grants series through April 1, 2022. Their Neighborhood Mini-Grants program supports initiatives that improve ecological stewardship, community well-being, and economic justice in the Tompkins county. Since 2008, Sustainable Tompkins has awarded more than $82,000 in 208 small grants to grassroots innovative projects across the county.

Ranging from $150 to $750, the prizes support initiatives promoting sustainable food systems, alternative transportation, waste reduction or reuse, energy conservation, reduced fossil fuel use, environmental education and the fight against social and economic inequalities. Individuals, organizations and neighborhood groups in Tompkins County are invited to apply, as are local micro-businesses looking to green their operations or expand their products or services to low-income customers.. Priority is given to small and/or new entities with relatively few sources of support.

Initiatives funded through the Tompkins Neighborhood Sustainable Mini-Grants Program in 2021 include Women at the Wheel and the Downtown bike repair station. Both focused on alternative transportation options. Women at the Wheel, led by Claire Dehm, consisted of three one-day workshops open to women and non-binary residents of Tompkins County and held at the Steamboat Landing Pavilion at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market. Through these workshops, 21 participants learned the complete process of repairing a flat bicycle tire, received a set of tools and acquired skills that allow them to travel safely and reliably by bicycle.

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA) has received funding to install the Downtown Community Bike Repair Station at Press Bay Court on West Green Street. “We advocate for the addition of infrastructure to the urban core that will encourage the use of more sustainable sources of transportation like cycling,” DIA officials said. The new bike repair station is easily accessible to anyone who needs a place and the equipment to service and repair their bike and enhances the experience for cyclists in downtown Ithaca.

The Tompkins Sustainable Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program is sponsored by the Park Foundation, Craig Riecke and local donors. Proposals are reviewed twice a year by a team of community members. Applications must be submitted no later than April 1, 2022. To request an application form or if you have any questions, please call (607) 272-1720 or email [email protected]