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Kentucky’s clearest lake is also the deepest with a hidden beach


Life on the lake is my kind of life. The warm breeze, the sun and the beautiful unsalted water was, and still is, heaven for me. For me, there is nothing like it.

Photo credit: Ben Childers

Photo credit: Ben Childers

Salt life is great and all, but there’s one thing I don’t like about it, salt. Last year we went to Myrtle Beach, SC and I spent most of my time at the pool rather than the beach.

All this hot weather makes me dream of summer. If I take advantage of the time by the water, I prefer the lake to the ocean every day. When I was three years old, I was waterskiing on Raccoon Lake in Rockville, IN. My grandparents had a property with a dock that was right on the lake. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the water and the boat. I loved it there.

Kentucky lakes are so beautiful

Now living in Kentucky, I tried to find my favorite lakes that are closer to home. One of them, if not THE only one, is an incredible hidden lake near Corbin, Kentucky.

Lake Laurel River has an amazing wide white sand beach. So you can still get the beach vibe you need, but only about three hours from the Tristate. But, even if it’s three hours, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Where is Lake Laurel River and what is there to do?

Located on Daniel Boone National Foresta summer trip to the lake would make for a great family getaway that will help your whole family relax, have fun, and enjoy the beach on a budget.

According to kentuckytourism.com,

The 5,600 acre lake……among the pristine beauty of the Daniel Boone National Forest, Lake Laurel River is a favorite destination for thousands of visitors each year. Tranquil coves and cliff-lined shores offer relaxation and quiet reflection, plus boating, fishing, skiing, and scuba diving in one of Kentucky’s deepest and cleanest lakes. You can also fish and go boating.

Is Lake Laurel River the deepest lake in Kentucky?

Laurel River Lake IS the deepest lake in Kentucky. But, apparently, there was a debate about this fact. That’s what happened when I googled it.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter. The photos of the clear water and the rocky bottom are proof enough.

Photo credit: Ben Childers

Photo credit: Ben Childers

Laurel River Lake looks so amazing. I have written about this beautiful lake before. I can’t get over her breathtaking beauty

Photo credit: Ben Childers

Photo credit: Ben Childers

If you think you prefer a beach vacation, these photos and videos might change your mind.

Take a look at the beauty that is Laurel River Lake.

Thanks to Ben Childer for the use of his amazing drone photos. Discover more of his work, HERE.

Boating at its best

Island sandbar in the middle of the lake

Did I mention the lake has a waterfall?

I know, it’s so beautiful. If you go there, you better take lots of photos and share them. I will never tire of the photos of this incredible Kentucky paradise.

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