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Organizations providing humanitarian aid to refugees


The ongoing fighting between Ukraine and Russia has some people wondering how to help.

People from all over the world took to the streets to support Ukraine.

At least 150,000 people have fled Ukraine to Poland and other neighboring countries following the Russian invasion, the UN refugee agency said on Saturday. The agency expects up to 4 million Ukrainians to flee if the situation deteriorates further.


Here are some organizations offering humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees:


You can make tax-deductible donations to support Ukrainian children.

The world human rights organization says it has been providing some form of aid to Ukraine for about eight years, since the tensions began.

UNICEF works with civic organizations and local governments to provide nutrition and health care to children in conflict zones.

The UN refugee agency promises that at least 84% of donations will go to its field operations or efforts to help displaced people.

This help takes the form of shelter or advocacy.

UNHCR reports that 90% of its staff are based in the field.

The ICRC says it has been providing aid to Ukraine since 2014.

The international organization is working with the Ukrainian Red Cross to provide food, water and other basic necessities.

Doctors Without Borders helps assess the medical needs of Ukrainians without access to care.

The organization expressed its concern on Friday at the escalation of hostilities:

“We are deeply concerned about the consequences of the conflict for the people and communities of Ukraine. We see on the roads that tens of thousands of people are scared and on the move,” a statement read in part.

The organization has had to interrupt some of its operations, but is assessing ways for teams from neighboring countries to respond to aid.

Lani Fortier, Senior Director of Emergencies at the IRC, called on neighboring countries to open their borders to Ukrainian refugees.

“We really hope that we can avert catastrophe and avert the human suffering that we will inevitably see if this conflict continues to escalate. However, the IRC is ready and preparing for the worst. We are working to mobilize resources quickly and we connect with partners to establish a response that will provide vital support to civilians forced to flee their homes The IRC is meeting with partners and local civil society organizations in Poland and Ukraine to assess capacity to respond to the increased the number of refugees and people in need. We will work to respond where we are most needed and with the services that are urgently needed. Whatever the needs, we are preparing to meet them.

The organization uses donations to impact the economic well-being of conflict-affected families and provide educational opportunities to continue to enrich children during crises.

The organization claims to have been responding to European crises since 2015.

The organization shared harrowing stories of child victims at the start of the Russian invasion.

The organization describes hospital doctors working in shelters to help pregnant women give birth safely.

The organization provides psychological and psychosocial support to children in crisis.

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