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USAID LGP Financial Management Training


The training in Goroka is for USAID PNG Lukautim Graun Program (LGP) grant recipients.

Through USAID’s LGP program, grants are awarded to enable partner NGOs to conduct on-the-ground activities that strengthen biodiversity conservation, women’s economic empowerment, local governance, and livelihoods in PNG.

Mr. Magun is aware of the challenges that NGOs like himself face regarding financial support for their biodiversity and conservation work and was grateful to USAID for the opportunity to learn how to help his NGO successfully apply for and manage grants.

He said, “I see this training as a positive gain as I will go back and build the capacity of the communities I work with. I’m not just here to learn how to comply with the guidelines of my USAID Lukautim Graun Program grant, but I’m building my capacity for the long term. I can use this knowledge to manage my organization or build the capacity of other CBOs working with Makata. »

Junne Cosmas, grants manager for USAID’s LGP, said the goal of LGP’s financial management training was to build the capacity of organizations and empower them to apply for and properly manage the grants provided. by the LGP and other international development partners.

“As part of the grant award process, USAID’s LGP team assesses each grant applicant’s financial capacity and performs risk assessments related to their internal management systems. Then we work collaboratively to provide training and support that addresses the specific capacity gaps identified,” she explained.

According to Ms. Cosmas, each organization’s LGP grant applications are assessed based on the amount each organization can effectively manage, that way they match grant amounts to each recipient’s capacity and avoid overburdening them while strengthening their ability to handle larger grants. in the future.

Cardno International Development leads USAID’s LGP program in partnership with Care International, The Nature Conservancy, PNG Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.