Home City park PCMR project criticized: “Who runs the city of Park City? Vail and the developers?’

PCMR project criticized: “Who runs the city of Park City? Vail and the developers?’

Park City Mountain Resort parking lots are slated for major development. Some of the critics seem to equate PCMR’s owner, Vail Resorts, with the development proposal, even though it’s a Provo company that is pursuing the project.
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A number of correspondences submitted to the Park City Planning Commission criticizing the proposed development of the Provo-based PEG Companies at the base of Park City Mountain Resort refer to Colorado-headquartered PCMR owner Vail Resorts, even though the station owner is not pursuing the disputed project itself.

The inclusion of references to Vail Resorts in the correspondence illustrates that there remains unease with the company in Park City nearly eight years after the PCMR acquisition.

Some of the comments related to Vail Resorts in the matches include:

• “It’s not Park City‘s problem. It’s Vails, and it should stay that way. We shouldn’t adapt to Park City’s vision of Vail. We urge the Council to remain firm in its negotiations with PEG (and ultimately Vail). —Jeff and Nancie Perlowitz

• “The approval of this project means that this council believes that developers and large corporations, like Vail, are its constituents. They are not. We, the residents, who voted, lobbied and supported the Park City community, are your constituents. Please don’t forget that. —Eileen Galoostian

• “The PEG project must not move forward. And if Vail loses the case, it’s not like they’ve been good to our community. —Tom Moore

• “Please do not succumb to any pressure to approve PCMR’s outrageous lower parking lot development proposal. Time and effort have been invested in existing codes and plans and they must be adhered to. We, the residents of Park City, owe neither PEG nor Vail any accommodation to this proposal. —Corinne Crandall

• “Do NOT make trade-offs that will benefit PEG developers at the expense of Park City residents. You represent us, your constituents, the people of Park City. Not the developers or Vail. —Howard and Anna Lea Kantor

• “You are not in your position to benefit the developers or Vail. They will turn this place into Los Angeles if they have what they want. -Craig Williams

• “They will make Park City look like Vail, which is a total disaster and only meant for passing tourists.” —Victor Janulaitis

• “As long-time residents, both seasonal and full-time, we’ve watched how Vail resorts transform Park City into, well, Vail.” -Michelle Rankin

• “Vail should be required to provide its own parking, as almost all businesses are required to do. Vail should increase parking, not reduce it. . . Who runs the town of Park City? Vail and the developers? —Jim Christensen

• “Vail’s Epic Pass transforms our city into a luxury playground for the rich and famous – all for the benefit of their shareholders and a crushing loss for our residents.” —Kate Sonnick