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Letter to the Editor: Keep Old City Park Quiet | Opinion


I learned a few days ago of the city’s plan to build pickleball courts at Old City Park. I’m bothered by this choice not because of the game itself, but because OCP is one of the few quiet, low-traffic oases available to Moab residents. Pickleball is loud and growing fast, indeed my dad – who chooses to live in a big, loud metropolitan area – likes to play, but he wouldn’t choose to have courts at OCP. Here he is having a good time with his grandson. It’s not just the noise of the actual game, but also the noise and pollution from the extra traffic.

I love taking my toddler there to play with other kids, play in the water, dance, play in the playground, watch the wildlife that lives in the pond. I see many others coming for similar reasons. When Robin and I go to other parks he tells me that “it’s too much mom”. It has 2 1/2.

This would be a great detriment to the quality of serenity and peace present at Old Town Park, the only park in Moab that maintains this quality. While I support existing pickleball courts in a location in town, such as Spanish Valley Arena, where there is already a lot of concrete and other ambient noise, that location is NOT Old Town Park. Humanity has shown time and time again that it is easy to remove calm and tranquility, and we have shown that it is nearly impossible to restore it. Please keep OCP quiet and precious. A safe and quiet space for the people of this town and the birds and other wildlife that inhabit it.

Thank you.

Rebecca “Inder” Broughton Coppola