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Ex-DRX LCK coach sues organization for wrongful termination


Former DRX LCK coach Jeong-soo “Kim” Kim is suing the organization for wrongful termination.

After a bad start to the split, Coach Kim was fired from DRX seemingly suddenly. After his dismissal from the organization, contextual clues seemed to indicate that there was more to this dismissal than internal synergy issues.

Why was the DRX LCK coach fired?

Coach Kim’s sacking came after DRX’s disappointing 0-3 start to the 2022 LCK Division. players had no problem with Kim and would prefer him to return to the team. The revelation was surprising given mid-term coaching changes are often the result of internal dynamic issues, but the team captain said he had no problem with the former manager.

This revelation implied that the decision was made by management higher up in DRX rather than the team itself. Kim offered to share the details surrounding her firing if DRX allowed her to speak.

DRX did not publicly respond to Kim’s request to speak openly about his experience, but instead held a press conference which brought accusations of inappropriate behavior on Kim’s part. According to the statement made by general manager Byeong-hoon “ccCarter” Choi, Kim failed to meet the obligations outlined in his contract, missed meetings and exhibited unacceptable, although unspecified, behavior during matches. team.

Kim’s agency, Shadow Corporation, announced that the former DRX LCK coach will seek legal redress for his dismissal, which they said was unfair. Kim acknowledged that he may have had some shortcomings as a coach, but cited DRX’s LCK Championship as proof of his ability as a member of the coaching staff.

A message translating the announcement drew the attention of the English-speaking community to Redditwith many fans unsure which side to descend on.

The issue will still take some time to resolve, as court proceedings can take anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the extent of the dispute.