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Local organizations ensuring the safety of homeless people during the winter


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Several Lincoln organizations are working to keep Lincoln’s homeless populations safe during the winter. The People’s City Mission and the Lincoln Homeless Coalition have been preparing for this weather since the fall.

In November, the town’s People’s Missions begin to stock up on food, hire more staff, and make other winter preparations.

“December has been a really hot month for the year, but we don’t think it’s going to stay that way, and I know tomorrow we’re going to start seeing very cold weather,” said Pastor Tom Barber, CEO of People’s City Mission. .

Local organizations are keeping the homeless warm and safe this winter.(Samantha Bernt)

PCM works with the Lincoln Homeless Coalition to bring resources to Capitol City’s most vulnerable during the winter.

“We do a really good job working together and trying to keep track of those who are homeless during the very cold weather and we will contact them and vaguely track where they are so we can provide them with warm clothes, sleeping bags, gloves, coats, that sort of thing, ”said Melissa Ripley of the Lincoln Homeless Coalition.

The Coalition is a collection of social service agencies in Lincoln that help homeless people stay safe by providing transportation to the mission.

“For those who experience homelessness, try to get in, try to find a friend who will allow you to sit on their couch for a bit, or just try to do whatever you need to do to survive right now,” Ripley said.

Barber said the mission’s population increases during the winter.

“When it’s really cold, everyone you see on the streets comes to the Peoples City Mission. Especially when it’s around 15 degrees or less they will all come in and stay with us until it warms up. it happens every year, so we know a lot of homeless people on the streets because that’s the time they stay with us, ”said Barber.

The mission does not currently require a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination to stay at the shelter.

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