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Additional Eyes Needed To Help Spot City Park Vandals | News


Bowling Green officials are asking the community for help in the event of vandalism in the municipal park.

“Vandalism in parks is a common problem across the country, but since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this type of behavior in Bowling Green has increased and the aggressiveness of vandalism has increased,” according to a statement from city ​​press Wednesday.

Bowling Green Parks & Recreation staff have dealt with numerous incidents at several sites that go far beyond minor damage.

“This vandalism caused excessive damage that requires costly repairs, and staff members had to remove excreta from sinks, floors and walls, posing immediate safety concerns.”

In response, the City took a “very practical” approach to ending these incidents.

The Bowling Green Police Division is actively involved. Officers have added additional park patrols and are patrolling around the clock to ensure security and enforce park hours.

“The city takes these matters very seriously and those who vandalize the parks, once arrested, can be charged with a third degree misdemeanor and be financially liable for the damage,” the statement said.

Additional cameras will be installed in the park and the electrical division will install increased security lighting. Timed locks will be added to the washrooms to restrict access while the park is closed.

The city encourages all residents to report any suspicious activity or information about recurring vandalism or criminal activity to police at 419-352-1131.