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CLEAResult ATLAS ™ Academy: providing education for efficiency


Austin, TX, Dec. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – This winter, we are helping utilities, business allies and consumers more than ever to increase their knowledge of energy efficiency and their understanding of its technologies leading to the environmental sustainability. As part of the CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ platform, we are launching CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy, a digital e-learning interface offering on-demand training, DIY tips, bloat techniques and home efficiency tools to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. the footprint of energy suppliers, businesses and people across North America.

“For years, CLEAResult has provided utilities with the technical solutions needed to meet the changing demands of energy consumers,” said Shannon Meserole, senior manager of learning and development at CLEAResult. “The launch of CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy allows us to transfer classroom training directly to the hands of business allies who implement energy efficient solutions and to the consumers who use them to save energy for all. levels. “

CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy extends access to the revolutionary energy efficiency tools found on our data-rich technology platform, connecting customers, distributors and business allies to valuable content and courses that accelerate cost savings. energy for everyone. Building on other CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ tools such as CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Insights and CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Marketplace, CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy responds to the various educational demands of stakeholders with the ability to create personalized learning modules for unique audiences , selected from our extensive catalog and seamlessly integrated outside content. The user-friendly and personalized e-learning experience encourages communities to confidently reduce their energy consumption and participate in our changing energy landscape.

CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy’s digital training programs aim to address many of the difficulties and challenges that have multiplied in the energy industry. Since the start of 2020, utilities and business allies have had to explore new ways to onboard and maintain a skilled workforce without in-person training or site visits, and consumers have demonstrated a similar hesitation in avoiding face-to-face interactions where they can. CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy addresses both these and other needs, enabling flexible, secure and reliable service by removing the “in person” aspect of routine energy interactions.

Our teams piloted CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy with several utility operators and business allies nationwide. Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) was among the first to launch CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy in February 2021, leveraging its capabilities and tools across the company’s work portfolio. The program has created e-learning solutions designed by our energy experts specifically for SWEPCO’s needs, allowing instant access to deployable training opportunities.

“Over the past 18 months we have had to ensure that SWEPCO not only offers customers the same safe and reliable service to which they are accustomed under normal conditions, but that our service providers have reliable access to the tools they have. need to be successful. Said Sherry McCormack, EE and Consumer Programs Manager at SWEPCO. “The streamlined tools of CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy have given us the flexibility to continue to develop a network of energy service professionals that our customers can always count on. “

CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ is the basis that links all of our energy efficiency solutions in a single, interconnected framework. CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ integrates third-party data sources and legacy systems into a fully scalable technology offering designed to streamline the expansion of efficiency programs and help utilities better manage changing baselines and customer needs by consolidating energy programs in a single online portal.

For more details on CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ Academy and the CLEAResult ATLAS â„¢ platform, visit https://www.clearesult.com/technology.

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