Home Organization Afghan Refugee Organization Says It Has Received “A Very Credible Lead” In Searching For Missing Baby Who Was Handed Over To US Soldier During Kabul Airport Withdrawal

Afghan Refugee Organization Says It Has Received “A Very Credible Lead” In Searching For Missing Baby Who Was Handed Over To US Soldier During Kabul Airport Withdrawal


About two months old Sohail Ahmadi can be seen in this photo taken in August 2021 in Kabul, Afghanistan.Courtesy of the Ahmadi family / Document via REUTERS

  • An Afghan family handed over their baby, Sohail, to a US soldier at Kabul airport in August.

  • Months later, after their evacuation to the United States, Sohail is still missing.

  • But an Afghan refugee organization said Monday it had received a “very credible lead” regarding Sohail’s case.

An Afghan refugee organization offered a ray of hope this week in the Baby Sohail’s Ongoing Saga – the Afghan child who is still missing months after being handed over to an American soldier in the midst of the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul airport in August.

Aid to Afghan refugees, a grassroots resettlement organization, job an Instagram update in the Monday case.

“We received a very credible lead several weeks ago and we are tracking it and passing it on to the proper authorities,” the group said. “As soon as it is safe for you to do so, we will provide you with a full update and, God willing, good news.”

The organization has started the outstanding baby Sohail photo weeks ago in an effort to gain global recognition and awareness for the missing child, who was just 2 months old when he was separated from his family in August.

Several government agencies, including the Ministry of Defense and the State Department, as well as several international non-governmental organizations, searched for Sohail, following the hasty evacuation efforts in Afghanistan prompted by the Taliban takeover this summer.

A State Department spokesperson previously told Insider that the government is aware of Sohail’s case and is working with international partners to “explore all avenues to locate the child,” including by issuing an international alert Amber. A spokesperson for the agency did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for updated information on Tuesday.

A representative from Afghan Refugee Relief told Insider that the organization’s children’s task force is in contact with federal partners, as well as Sohail’s family, to provide timely information on the case.

Sohail’s parents, Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife, Suraya, were rounded up with their five children and dozens of other Afghan citizens outside Kabul airport on August 19 when they were separated from Sohail , said the parents. Reuters earlier this month.

The crowd was rapid growth, and the couple feared that Sohail, barely 2 months old at the time, would be crushed in disarray. When an American soldier behind the fence asked them if they needed help, Ahmadi and Suraya handed over their child, believing they would be reunited once they reached the 16-foot entrance.

But soon after, the Taliban began pushing back hundreds of people, Ahmadi said, and the family couldn’t reach the other side of the airport fence for more than half an hour. When they finally entered, Sohail was nowhere to be found.

Ahmadi, who said he worked as a security guard at the US Embassy for a decade, asked any official he could find about his missing son. His search lasted for hours, then days.

“I spoke to maybe more than 20 people,” Ahmadi told Reuters. “Every officer – military or civilian – I found out that I was asking questions about my baby.”

Ahmadi told the outlet he saw other families handing over their babies to US troops during the airlift. Pictures of a child being over the airport fence made the headlines; that baby was finally reunited with his parents.

Three days later, the family flew to Qatar and then to Germany, Reuters said. Ahmadi, 35, Suraya, 32, and their other children – 3, 6, 9 and 17 – eventually landed in the United States; they were awaiting relocation to Fort Bliss, Texas earlier this month.

In its Monday update, Afghan Refugee Relief thanked the audience for providing leads, prayers and messages of support to Sohail.

“For now, please continue to babysit Baby Sohail, her family and those who work to bring them together in your prayers,” the post said.

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