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Roaming: Green Lake: NIMBY | Seattle weather


Re: “In Green Lake and Woodland Park, frustration mounts as homelessness changes the landscape” [Nov. 20, Local News]:

As the new owner of Green Lake, I was disappointed to read the recent article which focused on the views of wealthy homeowners who have complained about Nextdoor, some of whom own multiple homes.

The article wrongly implies a consensus that those sleeping in the park should be removed even if accommodation is not available to them. The owners mentioned in the story don’t like being labeled NIMBY. Are these owners supporting the construction of permanent supportive housing near Green Lake to serve those who currently live in the park? Do they support removing the ban on apartments in single family neighborhoods around Green Lake so more people can afford to live in our neighborhood? If their only desire is for the homeless to be moved away from Green Lake, then they are the embodiment of the “not in my backyard” thought that has led us to our current crisis.

I am also upset that the poor are forced to sleep in Green Lake or any other park in the city. The only way out of this crisis is to provide these people with the housing and services they need.

Scott Alspach, Seattle

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