Home Organization Organization in Toledo that helps people feed their pets in need of a new home

Organization in Toledo that helps people feed their pets in need of a new home



TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A local nonprofit organization that has been helping people and their pets in this community for the past decade needs their help. The PET Bull project in Toledo provides everything from low cost training and education programs to adoptions and pet food.

Trisha Lohr has volunteered as a pantry manager for over five years. “The work we do here helps low-income families keep their pets. Our pantry helps approximately 600 families per month. We distribute about 15 to 20,000 pounds of food each month. This represents hundreds of thousands of pounds of food each year. “

Lohr says what is happening to this organization and the people it helps is deeply personal. She knows everyone helped here by name and the name of their pet too. “There are a lot of families who have a lot of love to give, but not all the financial resources to meet all of their pets’ needs.”

The lease for the current building ends at the end of November, so the hunt is on for a new space. “It was stressful. We have customers who come and ask us if we have a new location, are you still going to be able to help us? I won’t be able to feed my pets if I don’t have any, ”Lohr says.

Cindy Reinsel is the founder and director of the PET Bull Project in Toledo. “We have been looking for a new building for months, without success. Now we are looking to see if there is a building that we can afford to buy.

In addition to the pantry, the organization offers things like training and grooming at low cost. There is also a rescue and adoption component.

“I think it’s important not to judge people and to make sure the resources are there so they can keep their pets,” says Reinsel.

And that’s exactly what the PET Bull Project in Toledo has been doing over the past decade. Reinsel’s hope is to continue this work for years to come. “We desperately tried to fundraise so that we could land somewhere on our feet. We don’t want to let down all the people who rely on us every month. Because sometimes that pet is all they have.

The current building is on Tremainsville, not far from Start High School. Whether it is a lease or a purchase, the hope is to find a building in the same neighborhood. Again, they must vacate the current building by November 30. The PET Bull Project is also in need of food donations.

If you would like to help with animal feed or the building fund, Click here.

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