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Louisville Residents Consider Improving Recreation Options | Arts and entertainment



LOUISVILLE – People have talked about the type of recreational activities they would like to see in the city of Louisville.

This information will be used during license renewal negotiations between the local government task force and the New York Power Authority when the current license expires in 2023.

The local government task force includes representatives from the cities of Massena, Louisville and Waddington. City of Massena Supervisor, Steven D. O’Shaughnessy, chairs the task force and City of Louisville Supervisor, Larry R. Legault, is the vice-chair.

Every 10 years, NYPA reallocates money provided to communities affected by floods nearly 70 years ago. In 2013, during the last 10-year review, the state set aside around $ 7.5 million for various recreation projects that would improve communities in affected areas.

The boundaries include the towns of Massena, Louisville and Waddington, the villages of Massena and Waddington, the county of St. Lawrence, the central school district of Massena and the central school district of Madrid-Waddington.

“The results of this investigation will be used in the near future during negotiations with the New York Power Authority. This is when the local government task force will work with NYPA in a collaborative effort to bring new recreational opportunities to the north of the country, ”according to a Facebook post from“ Louisville Landing Recreation ”. .

Louisville officials have said Louisville Landing is “a concept in the design phase. Louisville has wonderful landscapes and assets and it is time for the people of Louisville to take advantage of them. This page will showcase what we have and what we are working on.

A group of Louisville residents had come together to explore how they, as a community, could improve recreational options for local residents and visitors to the area. They received a non-cash grant to aid the river, trails and conservation from the National Park Service, which helps organizations develop a recreation plan. This was the impetus for the investigation, which was open not only to residents of Louisville, but also to those who lived in surrounding municipalities.

The results of the four-page survey show the available activities that respondents would like to see more of, as well as new opportunities they would like to see.

When asked what more they would like to do in Louisville, the first choice was to attend community events, which was selected by 103 respondents. The close follow-up was participation in group activities, which were selected by 102 respondents. The choices were supplemented by walking (98), canoeing or kayaking (74), picnic in the park (55), boat trip (46), biking (44), fishing (39) and the race (24).

When asked “What do you think would have the most impact in improving land-based outdoor recreation opportunities in Louisville,” the top choice was an amphitheater / pavilion. This was followed by more trails; more rustic campsites and lodges; paddling pool; dog park with washing stations; outdoor group lessons / programs; docks, slides, marina; environmental education courses; and batting cages.

The Massena Joint Recreation Commission is also overseeing a separate survey to seek community feedback before discussions between the Power Authority and the Local Government Task Force begin.

The commission developed a seven-question survey, available at wdt.me/MassenaRec1021, for community members to contribute.

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