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Broncos must show organization still has high standards – DenverFan


A social media cruise in the Broncos’ loss to the Raiders on Sunday was an adventure. Mile High City fans were angry, upset by a third straight loss. And they were asking for changes.

Vic Fangio was the # 1 target of their anger. Pat Shurmur was not far behind.

Ultimately, the fans are not wrong. Broncos Country got it; their beloved team are poorly trained which is why they are on their way to another losing season.

Sunday was a microcosm of the two and more seasons under Fangio. The Broncos seemed ill-prepared. Their defense was porous. Denver’s offense stuttered. The head coach made some overwhelming decisions in the game.

Rinse and repeat. Same story, different day.

It is beyond exasperation. And Broncos Country has had enough.

The argument against a change of coach is simple: it won’t make a difference this season.

It is probably true. After all, it’s hard to argue that replacing Fangio with Mike Munchak, for example, would magically turn the Broncos into a playoff team. It probably won’t.

But that’s irrelevant. A change in coaching is not a short term issue. It is not about immediate results.

A pink slip for Fangio would consist of sending a message. It would let everyone know that the Broncos still have high standards.

The product in the field under Fangio was not good enough. The Broncos are 15-23 during his tenure, a lower record by any measure.

And there is no sign that things will get better. Denver gets worse over the weeks.

It’s not acceptable. Not in the land of the Broncos.

Red Miller was fired after the 1980 season. He was 12-2, 10-6 and 10-6 during his first three years in Denver. In his last campaign, the coach went 8-8. They showed him the door.

Dan Reeves replaced Miller. He led the Broncos to three Super Bowls. But after being 8-8 in 1992, the future Ring of Fame inductee was gone.

Wade Phillips went 16-16 in his two seasons at the helm, qualifying for the playoffs in his freshman year. But a 7-9 campaign in 1994 was its downfall.

Mike Shanahan won back-to-back Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998, leading the Broncos to their very first championship. But after being 9-7, 7-9 and 8-8 in his last three seasons, “The Mastermind” was ousted.

Josh McDaniels didn’t survive two seasons. After going 8-8 in his first year on the job, he was sacked after starting the 2010 season with a 3-9 record.

And Vance Joseph only survived two years. He was 11-21 during that span, which was nowhere near good enough to win a third season in charge.

It was the norm in Denver. If a coach didn’t lead his team to the playoffs, he was in the hot seat. Not making it to the playoffs too many times in a row meant it was time for a change.

It has been this way for over 40 years. That’s part of the reason the Broncos have been one of the most successful organizations in professional sport.

They do not accept to lose. Heck, they don’t accept mediocrity.

If a head coach produces these results, there are consequences. The Broncos were ready to change.

Now there is reason to wonder if this is still the case. Fangio returning for a third season suggests that may not be the case.

Admittedly, the 2020 season was unlike any other. Playing through the COVID-19 pandemic skewed the results.

So it’s understandable that the Broncos wanted to give their head coach one last chance. It might not have been wise, but it’s not unreasonable to suggest that Fangio deserved a chance to right the ship under semi-normal circumstances.

But he was so lucky. And if Denver loses Thursday night in Cleveland, he will not have been able to take advantage of it.

It will be four losses in a row. In the space of 18 days, the Broncos will have seen their 3-0 start turn into a less than 0.500 record.

Almost halfway through his third season, Fangio will be on course for another losing campaign. And there’s no sign he’s going to turn around.

When things aren’t working out, it just doesn’t make sense to stay the course. An organization has to try something else.

If the Broncos are still on the cusp of winning, if they still have high standards, a change is warranted. These kinds of results have always led to this in the past.

It’s not about saving the 2021 season. It’s about restoring high standards in Broncos country.