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Jasper County Chief Shows Off to Open Indiana House Headquarters | Politics



Kendell Culp will compete in the open seat race for Indiana House District 16 next year.


Longtime Jasper County Commissioner Kendell Culp is running in 2022 to represent District 16 at Indiana House

RENSSELAER – The longtime head of the Jasper County Commissioners Council hopes next year to take his commitment to community service and good governance a little further south on Interstate 65.

Kendell Culp, a Republican from Rensselaer, recently announced that he will compete in the open seat race to represent the new District 16 in Indiana House.

Culp, a farmer, has served for the past 15 years as the executive branch chief of Jasper County, which is located immediately south of Porter County.

He is also vice president of the Indiana Farm Bureau, director of the Indiana Soybean Alliance and a former member of the Rensselaer School Board.

If elected to the House, Culp said his goals would include taking action to reverse the population decline seen in most rural Indiana counties by advancing policies that attract and retain families, as well as a productive local workforce.

“One of my priorities is to ensure that every rural community and every county is able to grow and be sustainable,” Culp said.

Culp also touted his background as a local elected official and former school board member as an advantage when it comes to working at the Statehouse with Indiana’s balanced budget and its biggest expense category: education. .

“With the number of lawmakers who have chosen to retire, Indiana needs proven leaders who can take on these roles and continue to move Indiana forward on its progressive path,” Culp said.