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“It All Happened So Fast”: Buyers and Employees Describe Scene While Shooting Park City Center | Local News



Hani Ali was working at Tabarek Al-Hana, an international food store she owns with her sister inside Park City Center, when gunshots rang out on Sunday afternoon.

Ali, 57, of Lititz, said an argument broke out between a group of four people just outside the store around 2 or 2:30 p.m., centered around two adult men. A fight ensued, in which one of the men brandished a gun and began to threaten the others.

The gun was pulled from the man’s hand and the second man then climbed on top of him and shot him, Ali said.

A second man, also part of the group, was also shot dead, although Ali is not sure how.

“It all happened so fast,” she says. “We were scared so we hide behind my register.

Paramedics and police were dispatched to the 142 Park City Center mall at 2:26 pm Police did not say what led to the shooting or who was involved.

Dispatch reports say six people were taken to local hospitals, two with gunshot wounds, and two suspects were taken into custody. Police said in a CrimeWatch article on Sunday night that the reported injuries were not life threatening.

Ali said she believed she heard five or six gunshots. One of the men appears to have been shot in the leg and shoulder.

“I hope they are alive,” Ali said. “I hope no one dies.”

“A pretty scary feeling”

Kevin Young, 68, of Lancaster, was shopping upstairs when he heard gunshots ringing in the mall.

“There were too many to count,” he said. “It was like a lot of firecrackers were exploding.”

Young saw a mass of people running around the mall, heading for the exits. Some people were lying on the ground.

Young was taken to a back room where he hid for about half an hour, he said.

Haley Miller, 24, of Hershey, was showing jewelry to a client at Reed’s Jewlers, where she works as a partner, when she heard what she thought was a balloon noise.

When Miller looked up she saw people running and heard louder pops.

“It was blurry. It all kind of happened, ”she said. “Your brain sort of goes off in this case and you just think ‘am I going to fight or am I going to run? “”

Miller realized the sounds were coming from a gun and quickly began leading customers behind the counters and telling them to lie down.

“It was really loud and really confusing,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on or if I was going to leave the mall, which was a pretty scary feeling.”

Miller then took the clients and coworkers to a back room, where they stayed for about half an hour.