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Conservation Corps of Long Beach opens new environmental center



LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) – The Conservation Core of Long Beach is first and foremost a youth development organization.

“Young people come through our doors looking for work experience, skills, training, opportunities, education. They walk through our doors and in turn, they are able to do a great job in the community, ”said Dan Knapp, executive director of the Long Beach Conservation Corps.

If you are between 18 and 26 years old, you are eligible for employment and training opportunities.

Work may include urban forestry, recycling, habitat restoration and park development.

Soon, members of the organization and young people will have a meeting place as Long Beach officials collectively inaugurated the DeForest Park Environmental Education Center.

“This will be the base of operations here at the bottom of the Los Angeles River to help support conservation efforts, youth jobs, workforce training and courses,” said Rex Richardson, vice-president. Mayor of Long Beach.

“Our hope is that with this center, we can partner with educational institutions, local neighbors, to expand environmental education, conservation efforts, volunteerism and youth development right here in the northern community. of Long Beach, ”Richardson added.

The goal is to help young people serve the communities in which they live and for the Conservation Core of Long Beach to raise awareness in underserved communities.

In six months, the plan is to have staff and 20 young members in the new environmental center.

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