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Advo with Hope to Opportunities Launches Fundraising Campaign and Aims to Grow | KAMR


AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – Advo with Hope to Opportunities has announced the start of its campaign to expand Hope Village – Transitional Employment Center and Park. Asking for community support, the organization said it would help them “move closer to advancing our individuals into productive professional roles in the community and to acquire the physical activity essential to their health and survival.” well-being ”.

According to its website, “Hope to Opportunities Foundation and Advo Companies, Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates a vocational training center, an adult day adaptation center and 28 residential homes for the mentally and physically disabled. “. The organization said that although it primarily caters to people with intellectual disabilities, its base has expanded to include people with blunt head injuries, cerebral palsy, and people who are deaf, blind, autistic and diabetic.

Hope Village has been described by the organization as an ADA transition employment center, park and gymnasium to expand its current job training and physical activity programs.

via Advo with Hope to Opportunities

The installation plan developed on the organization’s website consisted of five phases:

  • Phase I (fully funded, the first plan is expected in 2021)
    • Warehouses and consumer stores Shell and parking assembly – Total planned cost $ 3.1 million – Construction will involve the warehouse and five independent consumer stores. This phase includes the frame, walls, roof, utilities, slabs and parking.
  • Phase II
    • Deposit – The warehouse will provide manufacturing, assembly and packaging services to local and national companies. Customers will operate warehouse equipment as well as prepare products for delivery to public consumers.
    • Embroidery / screen printing shop – Currently, Advo operates its screen printing in the vocational training center and works with two companies to complete orders. This business will be moved to the Transitional Employment Center and Hope Village Park to accommodate its growth and place individuals in front of clients, practicing their customer service skills for placements in the community.
    • Coffee, tea and catering – The organization said it will provide a commercial kitchen for mature students to handle and fill orders for catered packed lunches. “This type of showcase, on this side of town, will be an asset to the community and, more importantly, it will prepare our students for internships in many different workplaces.
    • Custom framing shop – “Our adult students will demonstrate their great know-how and their coaching skills with the tailor-made coaching store. The executive store will also create a wonderful place for customer service training and help promote their social skills and advance them in their outside work responsibilities.
  • Phase III
    • Accessible park – Total estimated cost $ 3.1 million – “The population we serve is mostly adults, having a place to play and increase their physical activity that meets ADA requirements is not readily available in our community, so it is difficult for them to s. ‘integrate when visiting a city park. “
  • Phase IV
    • Activity center / Gymnasium – Estimated total cost $ 5.1 million – “The activity center / gymnasium and sports field will be used all year round for practices and activities aimed at improving our individual’s ability to train and participate in organized sports activities. “
  • Phase V
    • Advo Headquarters – Total purchase price $ 5.5 million – “The purchase of Advo’s head office from current owners will eliminate rental costs and increase cash flow for Advo’s operations and customer needs. This will house the property under the Hope to Opportunities Foundation, ensuring its availability for future generations of Advo clients and solidifying a place where they can feel at home.

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