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Park City Prepares Information on Treasure Forest Fire Protection and Other Municipal Projects

The Treasury Hill overlooks the old town.
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Park City officials are expected to present information on upcoming work on the treasure area designed to guard against a forest fire, as well as a series of other City Hall projects and programs, during an open house scheduled for next week.

The open house on Wednesday is an opportunity for someone to learn about the vast work plan of the town hall in a unique setting. Efforts to guard against a wildfire are particularly noticeable so soon after the Great Parleys Canyon Fire, which erupted near the Summit County-Salt Lake County line and forced evacuations into the Snyderville Basin. The blaze, which caught the attention of Sen. Mitt Romney and Congressman Blake Moore, has brought more attention to the wildfire danger in the Park City area.

The treasury land belonging to the town hall stretches over a hill overlooking the old town along the city elevator route. Park City executives recently contracted a Wanship company for services related to reducing the risk of forest fires at Treasure Land.

Work is expected to begin on September 27 and include the creation of a so-called defensible space, which includes the removal of vegetation from land near the structures. The work should be very visible.

The municipal government acquired the Treasure land in 2019 as part of a $ 64 million conservation agreement. The land is located close to Old Town and the Park City Mountain Resort trails, meaning a wildfire could quickly spread to the historic district and PCMR grounds.

The upcoming open house will cover a wide range of projects that City Hall is pursuing and municipal programs. Some of the topics are expected to include transportation, including long-term and short-term planning efforts, as leaders continue to try to develop anti-traffic measures amid ongoing complaints about safeguards on the roads. entrances and problems on neighborhood roads.

A number of city hall departments will be represented, including those overseeing construction, special events and planning. The Park City Police Department is expected to attend to describe their work in the community. More than 20 staff from the town hall are expected.

The event also offers attendees the opportunity to meet newly hired City Hall officials. There has been less face-to-face interactions between the public and staff members during the novel coronavirus pandemic with many meetings being held online, and the open house will likely be the first time many audience participants will meet with them. new staff members in a live setting.

City Hall considers open houses like the one scheduled for next week to be convenient, as someone can find out about so many projects at once. The open days are held twice a year in addition to the collection of public information focused on unique projects or programs.

The open house is scheduled from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on the patio of the Park City Library. The event will include live music and refreshments. The recreational trailer will be at the library for the event.

The town hall strongly encourages participants to wear masks.

More information about the event is available on the town hall website, parkcity.org. The direct link is: parkcity.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/38336/15.

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