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Live: How China preserves Chinese sturgeon, the ‘giant panda in the water’


CGTN released this video clip, titled “Live: How China Preserves Chinese Sturgeon,“ Giant Panda in Water ”” – below is their description.

Covering 55,900 square meters and built in 2014, the Chinese Sturgeon Nature Conservation Area of ​​the Shanghai Yangtze River Estuary, northeast of Shanghai’s Chongming Island, is dedicated to the preservation of a giant fish that is believed to have existed for over 140 million years since the age of the dinosaurs. The fish, known in Chinese as “zhonghuaxun” or Chinese sturgeon, is two to five meters long when adult. He is originally from China and lives mainly along the Yangtze River, but has been on the verge of extinction for 20 years. It is considered a “living fish fossil” or “the Chinese giant panda in water”.

The conservation base simulates its environment to help Chinese sturgeon survive in the wild, which includes building ponds with water quality, waves, salinity, and temperatures similar to the mouth of the river, where they will eventually be released. Currently, the center is raising more than 500 Chinese sturgeons of various sizes. #TidesofChange

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