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Columbus organization hosts 5k suicide awareness run

Suicide prevention is an important topic that can often be overlooked

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – Suicide Prevention Day is recognized on September 10 each year. Organizations in Columbus raised awareness about suicide by holding a suicide awareness walk.

Suicide prevention is an important topic that can often be overlooked, but agencies like Contact Help Line are raising awareness and saving lives.

“Mental illness is a huge problem, but we want to minimize it as much as possible. We want people to receive advice on how to call our crisis line if you are suicidal and if they see any signs in someone they can get help, ”said Katrina Sunivelle, Executive Director of Contact Help Line .

Sunivelle said they have been running the event for over five years with the message “It’s okay to disagree”; and with the pandemic going on, she knew more people would need help.

“With COVID, with the illness, depression and mental illness that they have support in the community, there is help for them, don’t give up and don’t let their light go out,” a Sunivelle declared.

The helpline helps people from one breaking point to another. The 5k run and walk had counselors and first responders for anyone who may have needed guidance. Deputy Fire Chief Duane Hughes says 86% of their calls are medical, the majority of which are mental illnesses.

“When the firefighters arrive on the scene it is normally chaos and these calls seem to have a little extra element going to them and you have several family members that will be involved and they are often going on,” said Hughes.

Even the mayor of Columbus, Keith Gaskin, encourages those struggling with depression to contact the helpline so they can receive help.

“There are thousands of people who suffer from depression and think they have no way out and this organization has been reaching out for over 45 years to help people understand that there is a better way than to take life, ”Gaskin said. .

If you or someone you know suffers from depression or mental illness, we encourage you to contact the helpline.

and you can remain anonymous at 1-800-273-8255.

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