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SCVNews.com | LA County Rewards Several SCV Arts Organizations Over $ 56,000 in Grants


The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture announced $ 4,518,000 million in grants, including $ 57,600, to five arts organizations in the Santa Clarita Valley under the County of Los Angeles Organizational Grants program. THE. The award provides a two-year grant to 231 nonprofit arts organizations.

The local not-for-profit arts organizations that receive the grant are:

Escape theater: $ 19,600

SCV Youth Orchestra: $ 15,800

Santa Clarita Masters Choir: $ 10,200

Santa Clarita Artists Association: $ 6,700

Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival: $ 5,300

OGP is Los Angeles County’s premier arts grants program, funding the diverse and comprehensive ecology of artistic nonprofits. Grant recipients expand the arts sector and reflect a rich array of artistic and cultural forms. Their size, budget, and discipline vary from arts education to theater, dance, visual arts, media arts, and literary arts. They offer a variety of arts and culture services at venues and programs throughout the LA County community. For example, folk music from South El Monte (Hernandez Mariachi Heritage Society). Equity, Diversity and Global Initiative (Long Beach Opera); after-school mural program in West Hollywood (Arts Bridging the Gap); Art education and concert management in Sylmer (Department of Music, Wesley) .click [here] Displays a complete list of beneficiaries.

“The Organizational Grants program has strengthened the activities of arts organizations in LA County since the 1940s. Today, the program includes arts organizations that demonstrate culture, tradition and artistic creativity that celebrate diversity. County. It’s important to help the local arts ecosystem thrive, ”said Hilda L. Solis, chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Trustees. , District 1 Supervisor. “OGP gives our residents, especially those in historically underserved areas, access to arts and culture services, as well as all the personal interests and community connections they bring. AT. “

Prices range from $ 1,500 to $ 107,500, depending on the needs and size of the organization. This pricing is flexible and can be used to meet all of your current critical needs, from personnel and infrastructure to programming in your organization. For example, LA Commons in South LA and Las Photo Project in East LA, which inspires teenage girls through photography and self-expression, use grants to pay performers and educational artists to pay for the production. Both are financially sponsored organizations applying for 501 (c) (3) grants and receiving funding for the first time. The Strindberg Institute deepens the theater’s involvement with imprisoned people and underserved communities. Turnaround Arts: California uses this award to support key staff positions as the new recipients continue their mission of transforming their highly sought-after school districts and communities through the arts.

“We know how much the cultural resources of vitality, well-being and resilience can bring to individuals and communities. We underestimate the resonance and impact of organizational funding programs in the local arts sector, especially in the aftermath of pandemics. He can’t, and his role in equitably sharing those interests is important, ”said County Manager Holly J. Mitchell.

“Organizational grant programs are an important and essential function of the Department of Arts and Culture. These grants provide public sector funding for the arts that employ artists and the cultural workforce, and the diversity of LA County. Increase community access to arts, ”said Christine Sakoda, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. “As the number of organizations applying for and receiving funding increases each year, we are confident that this program strengthens the artistic ecology infrastructure of the region and thereby improves the quality of life for the people of the county. I know. “

OGP Context and Review Process
Since 1947, the Department of Arts and Culture (formerly the LA County Arts Commission) has funded LA County arts and culture organizations, which reflect the region’s rich diversity. In addition to direct funding, OGP recipients benefit from professional development and training opportunities, ranging from workshops on cultural and racial equality to creation and talent grants. Of the 231 recipients of OGP 2021-2022 grants located in 48 of the county’s 88 municipalities, 11% are receiving this funding for the first time. OGP grants cover areas such as arts education, dance, literature, media arts, interdisciplinary, music, choir and opera, theater, traditional and folk arts, and visual arts.

Applications for the OGP program are reviewed and rated by 75 diverse expert panelists from a strong community of cultural workers, artists, curators, nonprofit art managers, funders and art educators from the Los Angeles area. it was done. The price recommendations are Artistic committee Approved by Supervisory Board..

Letter of recommendation from OGP beneficiaries
“We are honored to receive the Organizational Grants Program award from the LA County Department of Arts and Culture. These grants are essential for arts organizations in Los Angeles. They give us with community members. This gives us the flexibility and the power to work with us, so that we can provide a valuable artistic experience in the most meaningful way for our county, ”said Lucia Torres, General Secretary of the Las Photo Project. .. “This is especially useful in this time of recovery when organizations like us are strengthening and rebuilding themselves after such an eventful year. “

“LA Commons’ first OGP grant makes a decisive contribution to our sustainability during highly volatile times. Roots in South LA, which continues to suffer the worst impacts of COVID-19. It’s all the more important that there are, ”says Karen Mack. , founder and executive director of LA Commons. “At the crossroads of art, community and social justice, we strengthen the stories and voices of youth and other members of the community. Driven by the creativity and resilience of local youth in various parts of Los Angeles. We are pleased to join the LA County Department of Arts and Culture as a partner in promoting a fair, healthy and equitable Los Angeles. “

“This grant will allow us to reshape the sense of community that theater brings to the people who do our work and to the audiences who participate in these works,” said the Secretary General of the Lindberg Institute. said Michael Biaman.

“Community Turnaround Arts: California’s support is disproportionately influenced by pandemics, and during this difficult time, art is important in providing young students and their teachers with a source of community and self-expression. It played a role, ”says Marissa Shriver. Turnaround Arts: CA co-founder and president. “We are working with our partner schools to prepare for a positive return to schools that have adopted art as a core strategy for healing and engagement, so we were able to secure support from the County Department of Arts and Culture. THE. I am honored. “

Peggy Sivert Zask, CEO / Founder of SoLA Contemporary, said: “We are very happy to include promising young artists who will present curators and preparation practices, as well as digital declaration and promotion techniques, based on the artist criticism program.

About the Ministry of Arts and Culture
The mission of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture is to enhance art, culture, and creativity throughout Los Angeles County. Grants and technical assistance to non-profit organizations, county-wide arts education initiatives, commissioning and maintenance of civil art collections, research and evaluation, access to creative career paths, professional development, community programs free, citizens A creative transversal strategy that addresses the problem .visit lacountyarts.org..

SCVNews.com | LA County Rewards Several SCV Arts Organizations Over $ 56,000 in Grants SCVNews.com | LA County Rewards Several SCV Arts Organizations Over $ 56,000 in Grants