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The beaches of Sisal, eligible for the ‘Blue Flag’ certificate – The Yucatan Times


Sisal, Yucatán, (July 17, 2021) .- “The beaches of Sisal are an ideal candidate to receive the international competition Blue flag certificate, ”said the executive director of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), Joaquín Arturo Díaz Ríos.

“This recognition guarantees the quality of the water and guarantees the safety of the population; 92 beaches have been certified across the country, ”he said.

The manager recognized the advantages of Sisal: “it is a very practicable beach which could and should be Blue flag. Díaz Ríos explained that it is the municipalities that must apply to the body to obtain this certification, in order to verify that they meet all the requirements such as having good quality in their waters, complying with the official standard Mexican NOM-001- ECOL-1996, which establishes the maximum allowable limits of pollutants in wastewater discharges into water and physicochemical parameters, as well as European regulations, and the implementation of improved systems of environmental performance, through environmental education.

In addition, they must guarantee the safety of people by means of specialized and prepared rescuers, equipped in such a way as to be able to give the certainty that they are in a safe and clean place.

“Among the advantages is the national and international projection, they position themselves as a leading beach compared to others, and at the same time, this stimulates the development of the destination. For a destination to have a future and a global position, it must be managed appropriately and sustainably, ”he said.

He therefore invited local communities, businesses and hoteliers to approach the foundation to work with this distinctive. More information about the requirements can be found here: http://feemexico.org/

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