Bank Loan Application

However, those who do not want to wait for this period for learning as a result of Great Bank loan applications can make inquiries through the channels provided by the bank. We have provided information about learning results by giving the subtitle of Great Bank credit inquiry to the details of our article.

When will Great Bank Loan Application be concluded?

When will Good Bank Loan Application be concluded?

As in other banks, Great Bank’s general operating system is based on the examination of your credit rating, your total monthly income and whether you are eligible for the type of loan you are applying for. Therefore, when you apply for a Great Bank loan, a certain period of time is needed to examine the above criteria.

How long this review will continue depends entirely on the type of loan you are applying for. Because if you have applied for a product that requires detailed analysis, such as a housing loan, it is usual that the process is longer than general purpose loans.

However, if it is necessary to make a generalization for Great Bank loans, it may be clear whether your application has been approved within an average of 1 to 5 working days .

Great Bank Credit Inquiry

Good Bank Credit Inquiry

Consumers who wonder whether my loan application has been approved, can question the result without waiting for an answer from the bank. For this, you can go to any branch of the bank and get information from your authorities about your credit approvals.

Wherever you are, our customer service can answer your questions about your loan application, where you can reach and get information at your request. Thanks to telephone banking, which is one of the fastest banking channels, you can easily carry out your Great Bank loan inquiry process and find out at which stage your application is currently in progress.

Which is frequently referred to us


Great Bank, which is frequently referred to us, should also state the following about the credit inquiry by SMS ; The bank does not provide SMS banking inquiry service yet.

Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to query your loan applications by message. If there is any new service of the bank in this regard, our article will be updated to inform our valuable readers.