Aspects to consider for your first credit card

Are you afraid to throw the rope yourself? We tell you what aspects you should consider for the first credit card and its responsible use.

As in all types of financing, be it a personal loan, car, mortgage or credit cards themselves, it is essential to use it with a previous planning, not only to spend for spending, because otherwise you can get into serious problems that you It will take a lot of work to get out.

Avoid problems of over-indebtedness

Avoid problems of over-indebtedness

Therefore, we share the recommendations of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) so that from the beginning you make responsible use of plastic and avoid problems of over-indebtedness.

– Your income. Even if they offer you a high line of credit, use only what you can afford. It is essential that you analyze what your real ability to pay is and that from the beginning it is clear that a credit card is a means of payment, not an extension of your money.

– Payment pattern. According to how timely you will be with your payments is the type of credit card you should consider. If, for example, you will be part of the 40 percent of the users who are “totaleros”, that is to say that they pay their full debt on the payment date and do not generate interest, it is convenient to pay attention to the annual fee.

If you are not going to be a “totalero”, you should look more at the interest rate.

Do not forget to pay the acquired debts

– Do not forget to pay the acquired debts. The more time you spend your debts, the interest will grow to the point where you will end up paying more money for the interest than for the product you bought.

– Before choosing, compare the Total Annual Cost (CAT) . Remember that it is that figure that allows you to compare if it is cheaper with one or another institution depending on the costs associated with the plastic such as commissions, annuity and interest, among others.

– Shopping habits. If you are going to use your plastic only in case of emergency or to take advantage of promotions of months without interest from time to time, choose a card that offers you a very low annuity. Although in this case you should also verify that you are not

charge a commission for not using it frequently

charge a commission for not using it frequently

If, on the other hand, you are going to use this card in your daily life, you should compare the commissions and costs applied to the operations, such as the cash provision.

Remember that credit cards are a big responsibility, as they can affect your credit history and then it will be more difficult for you to access financing for a car or a house, for example. So follow these tips and make good use of this means of payment so you never have problems.